See below for the most frequently asked questions regarding EBENE Products and their uses.
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About Cleaning

  • Wash after each use if used outdoors or when sweat a lot.
  • Wash at least once in a week if used indoors. Hand wash in mild detergent.

  • Hand wash in mild detergent.
  • Do not scrub, machine wash or dry wash.

  • Squeeze moderately.
  • Dry indoors or outdoors under the sun.
  • For metal support knee guard do not overly squeeze to avoid shortening product shelf life.

About Usage

  • Depends on personal usage behaviour.
  • Normal life span is up to 9 months.
  • You are advised to replace a new EBENE product once Bio-Ray print has torn or when the products don’t fit anymore.
  • EBENE products can still be used as support even after the Bio-Ray heat-generating properties have gone.

  • Yes. But it’s advisable to cover your wound with bandage first before wearing EBENE.
  • Do not wear too tight or for a long time.

  • EBENE does not generate heat just like hand warmer.

  • EBENE helps to reduce but not avoid night urination.
  • It is recommended to drink lesser water at night.

  • Compression is to ensure helps to promote blood & oxygen circulation.
  • It’s not recommended for over-swelling legs & elderly who suffers from back or waist problems wearing it.

  • Both sides are okay to ensure its efficacies.
  • For socks range, EBENE Bio-Ray Print is better worn inside for better massage & warm keeping function.
  • For knee guards, EBENE Bio-Ray Print is better worn outside to reduce friction upon wearing.

  • Not necessary, Bio-Ray is able to penetrate through the shirt. But it’s recommended to wear directly to skin for maximum efficacies.

  • Heat is provided to promotes blood & oxygen circulation & treatment too.
  • For 1st time user, it’s advisable to wear for a short period (1-2 hours) and gradually extend usage time once body is accustomed to product.

  • This is to reduce the blood clogs which always occur around calf area.